This site-specific production becomes inspired by space, simultaneously transforming space into dance. The vocabulary and the content of this production is mapped through a detailed research into this cultural monument’s architecture and historical/political/social identity. The history of this space, as well as its current function, become an important point of research for the production’s movement methodology. This specific production aims at creating new points of reference to the audience, in relation to space (and time), as well as through the connection of the living with the lifeless. Artistic expression continues to exist, even after its fulfilment, through new memories. Historical memories intermix with memories of the present.

  • Choreography: Evi Panayiotou
  • Performer: Katalin Ladik (live sound and voice)
  • Dancers/Collaborators: Nicole Constantinou, Stefani Papadopoulou, Katerina Tylliridou, Mayia Mina, Panos Malakos, Constantina Constantinou.
  • Costumes: Christos Othonos, Liene Kalisz
  • Photography/Cinematography: Charis Evagorou/Harry Evagorou -Supported by: Cultural Services of Ministry of Education and Culture, Limassol Council, Plato Educational Services, Exertus Services, Omnitouch, AGELCO