Starting from the identity of a square as a place for gathering people and activities, this production will try to reflect through kinesiology various images that will be related to the use of the square, not only by the masses but also by each person separately. The production is based on three main aspects; a) the kinesiology is affected by the observation of the architecture of the space since both dance and architecture are defined by the same elements; space and body. b) the kinesiology that is expressed in a serious as well as in a humorous way through the usage of space (entertainment, socialization) and possibly leads the spectators to new experiences, c) the relationship among the dancers’ bodies and the spectators’ bodies as well as the people around of the square during the time of the performance (through interaction), a relationship which is defined according to the new rule of the obligatory distance of two meters among all individuals.

  • Choreography: Evi Panayiotou
  • Dramaturgy: Christina Eliadou
  • Music by: Andreas Rodosthenous
  • Dancers/Collaborators: Rania Glymitsa, Julia Brendle, Katerina Tylliridou, Stephanie Papadopoulou, Elena Gavriel, Andria Michaelidou, Marion Efstathiou.
  • Costumes: Christos Othonos, Liene Kalisz
  • Photography/Cinematography: Charis Evagorou/Harry Evagorou
  • Sponsors: Cultural services of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth, N-Arch Studio, Exertus, Plato, Omnitouch, Agelco, Matisse